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Frequently asked questions

We look forward to every customer, every contact and every call. But would you like some quick answers? Do you have a common question in mind? Then read more here! Our FAQ contain the typical questions and answers about ordering, shipping, quality and complaints. Everything is included to provide you with short and concise help.

FAQs mey components

  • Service and warranty
  • Order and shipping
  • Prices, conditions and delivery times
  • Products, quality & technical data
  • Complaints and returns

Service and warranty

What service does mey components offer its customers?

Our best service is our mey-team consisting of top-experienced, always helpful staff who is working for mey for many years. There is no problem, that cannot be solved, no question that cannot be answered and no wish we do not want to fulfill. We always find a solution for you. You can reach us by phone or by e-mail.

Otherwise, we of course also offer a few other services, such as:

  • a personal adviser for each customer
  • over 50 years of experience
  • very fast delivery times
  • guaranteed spare parts delivery for our work chairs, stools, sit stands and much more
  • free sample orders
  • ea practical, conical plug-in system for our models/li>

Which warranties do I get and how long are they valid?

In the case of a warranty, Mey CHAIR SYSTEMS GmbH bears the return costs. At the discretion of Mey CHAIR SYSTEMS GmbH, either a free repair or an exchange of the metal part will be carried out. The rights from the warranty should be justified if a material defect occurs within the warranty period. There is no material defect in the case of wear and tear or if the defect is caused by improper use of the item.

How do I reach a contact person at meychair?

You can call us at any time during our opening hours. Or you write us an e-mail. See more information here: Contact.

Our opening hours:

Monday to Thursday
8:00 am – 4:30 pm
8:00 am to 12:00

Are you also producing customized products? If yes, who can give me information?

Of course, we also produce customized products.

We, as a company that is led and organized by its owner, do have the flexibility and experience and -above all – a great interest in developing new projects together with you.

Order and shipping

How can I order products from mey components?

The easiest and quickest possibility to order mey components products is to send your order by e-mail to

You can also use the button “inquire a product”. By this, your inquiry for the selected item will come directly to us. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Which data is important for an order at mey components?

You should know the 7-digit article code and/or matchcode of our article for an order at mey components.

Article code: 1300065
Match code: 13-16-4.3G-0 mechanism

Furthermore, we need the desired quantity, as well as the desired ship date. Should you want to arrange the transport by yourself, please indicate this already when you send the order to us.

Do I have to care for minimum order quantities? Are these the same with all components?

Not all products do have a minimum order quantity. Should it be the case, you will find the MOQ
at the product under „product data”.

Should I just need a small quantity, will I have to pay a “small quantity surcharge”?

We do have “small quantity surcharges” for all products.

They are like follows:
Quantities from 50 to 99:  5% surcharge
Quantities from 1 to 49:    10% surcharge

Is it possible for me to pick up my ordered goods myself, or send a forwarding company of my choice?

Of course, this is possible. It will be the best to inform us about this already when you inquire the goods. We will not offer you our freight costs then.

Once the goods are ready packed for pick-up you will contact the person in charge in order to arrange the pick-up during our loading time.

Can I order the chair components also by phone?

We prefer each order in written from.

In order to avoid misunderstandings it is always better to send the order by e-mail. As soon as you will receive our order confirmation in written form you can be sure that your order was received and put in our computer system.

When and in which form I will receive an invoice for my order?

As soon as your ordered goods left our warehouse and premises we will print out your invoice – latest at the next workday- and will send it to you. This can be made by e-mail (preferred) or by Post.

Please tell us which you prefer.

I would like to order a sample to view. What do I have to do? And do you charge for the samples?

We will be happy to send you a sample of your choice. The easiest way to order the sample is to use our request button. Please make explicit reference to the sample order.
You will receive the invoice for the sample order by e-mail as soon as it has been delivered.

I have questions about an order. What information do I need to have ready for mey components?

The quickest way for us to provide you with information is to give us our order number or transaction number. With this information, we are guaranteed to find the exact mey components order you have a question about.

Prices, conditions and delivery times

How can I see the prices of mey components products?

We do not publish product prices on our website. Therefore, there are two ways to find out our prices.

If you would like to know the price of a specific product, use the request button that you will find on every product on our website. You will receive a quotation from us within one to three days.

If you would like to have our price list sent to you, please contact us via e-mail at
We will provide you with a price list.

What are my conditions with mey components?

Please ask one of our sales representatives personally about your terms and conditions. You are welcome to contact us directly at Contact.

What are the delivery times for the individual products?

In any case, please always check your order confirmation. On this you will find the delivery date confirmed by us, which is based on our capacity utilisation and your order quantity.

As a new retailer, why can I only buy in advance?

Retailers who buy from us for the first time are always set to prepayment by the system. From the second order you can buy from us on account.

Complaints and returns

How can I complain about a product from mey components?

If you have a complaint, please contact our sales staff by e-mail. We can process your complaint most quickly if we have the following data:

the order or transaction number of the previous order
a short description of the damage (or a photo)

If you can no longer assign the product to an order, simply describe the damage and send us a photo. We will contact you as soon as possible.

I did not check the goods immediately after delivery and only found out later that the goods were defective. What should I do in this case? How long do I have after delivery to check the goods?

Please also read this in our GTC, point 4.

If an immediate complaint was not possible in your case, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Click here for our contact persons: Contact persons

How can I return a product from mey components?

If you would like to return a product, you should inform us in advance by email. Please also tell us the reason for the return so that we can check any goods that may have been complained about directly. After the return has been recorded and checked, we will initiate the reimbursement. Please understand that this can take a few days in individual cases.

My ordered goods were delivered damaged, what should I do?

We always strive to supply you with flawless goods of high quality. However, despite extensive quality checks, it can unfortunately happen that a product may have defects.

In this case, please proceed as follows:
Please note the defect immediately and take a photo of the damaged part.
Please send both by e-mail to the person in charge.
For faster processing, please also write the order number.

We will contact you as soon as possible.

You can find more details in our General Terms and Conditions. Click here for the terms and conditions:terms and conditions

How can I order spare parts for a customer?

It is best to order spare parts by e-mail. If you do not yet know the number of the spare part concerned, please ask for your spare part using the model number of the component. To do this, enter either our 7-digit item number or our match code.

Here is an example:
Item number: 2400002
Matchcode: 24-11

This is how we find the right spare part for your component. If you do not know this data either, send us a photo of your component. This way we will also find out what you need. If we know the spare part you need, we will make you an offer for the material and delivery costs. If you accept the offer, we will convert your enquiry into an order and send you the goods.

Are all spare parts always available?

As a rule, we can deliver all spare parts as quickly as possible. Except in the case of cyclical supply bottlenecks or discontinued models.

I want to complain about a component, but I don't know the name of the defective part. Who should I ask?

Ask the mey components team. Check our website under “Contact” and write to the person in charge. If you do not know the data of the defective part, send us a photo of your component.

Products, quality & technical data

According to which standards does mey components manufacture the various component parts?

We always orient ourselves and manufacture according to the current DIN standard 68877 for industrial and work chairs and DIN standard 4556 for footrests.

What is the abrasion resistance of the sets from mey components?

The abrasion cycles of our components vary according to quality and colors. Please inform yourself specifically in the respective product about its abrasion cycles.

Can I find out which harmful substance tests are carried out at mey for the individual components?

As we check our components annually according to the REACH regulation, we hereby confirm that the products we supply do not contain any substances from the SVHC candidate list.

What is the difference between gas spring height adjustment and a key slot?

With a height adjustment using a gas spring, you can comfortably control the seat height using a lever and only have to shift your weight while sitting. With a key slot height adjustment you have to manually loosen the height adjustment screw, adjust the height and then screw the screw tight again.

What kinds of floors ar meychair castors suitable for? Hard or soft floors?

Our castors are basically suitable for all floors. Regardless of whether they are used on hard or soft floors.

I am looking for components for welding workplaces, what do I have to look out for?

If you are looking for components that are suitable for welding workplaces, you should pay attention to the following specifications:

  • Choose a set made of PU foam. Our PU fittings are all tested and flame retardant.
  • Choose a base made of steel. Here you are also on the safe side. Flying sparks cannot harm this material either.

Are you looking for components with a high load capacity of up to 170 or 200 kg? Does mey components have heavyweight components in its range?

Of course, we also have XXL components in our range. These have different load capacities with us. Up to 150 kg for a high adjustment range, up to 170 kg for a low adjustment range.

Let our range convince you: click here to go to the XXL products.

Where can I find all the technical data for a component? Does mey components offer this data as a PDF for download?

Of course, you will find all product-specific data and details on the respective components on our website.

In each product you can download and save this data via the button “Export as PDF”. This way you have all the important details about your desired model at a glance.

I am interested in the exact dimensions and hole patterns of a certain component. Can I also find these on your website?

For many of our components, you will find the dimensions and hole patterns directly in the respective product. There you will find them stored as additional product images. Simply click through and you will find the desired information.


In addition, you will find the files sorted by article number for download on our page under: downloads