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With healthy growth into the future

Mey SYSTEMS GmbH has been an owner-managed FAMILY COMPANY for over five decades, which has specialised in the development and production of seating furniture for the industrial and workshop sector. Originating from the traditional craftsmanship of contract welding, today meychair is one of the leading manufacturers of swivel work chairs, sit stands and stools. Decades of experience and outstanding expertise make the meychair brand an innovative and reliable partner.

Hardly any other manufacturer has such a wide product range of COMPONENTS for seating furniture.
In addition, custom-made products are just as much a part of the portfolio as the construction of special solutions. Decades of experience and close customer relations provide a valuable basis for the development of our components.

The CUSTOMER is always in the foreground. In order to guarantee the best possible SERVICE, the company has always attached great importance to qualified employees with many years of experience. They are on hand to advise customers, find the FITEST SOLUTION for every wish and make possible
customised products according to individual specifications. SERVICE is always written in capital letters at mey components!

As an internationally active manufacturer, the mey components brand sells its COMPONENTS to customers worldwide for a wide range of applications. Despite being a GLOBAL PLAYER, Mey CHAIR SYSTEMS GmbH is still very much rooted in its Upper Franconian HOMELAND. This is where the
The region, the regional economy and the local associations are particularly close to the heart of this THIRD GENERATION family business.

Company philosophy

Competence | Experience | Service

Seating solutions in detail

As a manufacturer of swivel chair components, we have specialised in high-quality components for all types of seating furniture with our mey components brand. We have almost every component for your seating furniture in our range. Long-standing and experienced employees advise you competently and personally and accompany you through your projects.

Tested quality

We stand fully behind the development and construction of our components. Therefore, we would also like to give you as a manufacturer the security that you can fully rely on us. Our components are designed and manufactured in accordance with international norms and standards, and internal test procedures guarantee you flawless products for further processing.

Competence through experience

Decades of experience, technical competence and family management make the company and the brand mey components a strong and reliable partner. We have set ourselves the goal of always putting our knowledge and expertise into new products and look forward to developing customer-specific projects together with you as partners.

Company history

Successful family business for 50 years

Joachim Mey laid the foundation for today’s company in 1965 as a contract welder. With great commitment and a lot of joy, Mr Joachim Mey stood in the workshop almost every day into old age and never missed the opportunity to actively participate in development and construction. The most innovative solutions and plans were developed together with him. His gaze was always directed towards the future – standing still or even retirement was out of the question for him. He could always be sure of the support of his wife and colleague Helga Mey. After all, it was thanks to her talent for welding that the company was able to quickly achieve success in the beginning.

As a house trader, Joachim Mey lays the foundation for today’s broad family business with a contract welding shop.

The company Joachim Mey KG, modern chair and table systems, is founded.

Foundation of the joint venture EURO-FURNITURE in Guangzhou / China to manufacture swivel chair components for export and swivel chairs for the Chinese market.

Establishment of a second Chinese joint venture in Foshan / China for the production of high-quality swivel chair components exclusively for export.

Mey CHAIR SYSTEMS GmbH is founded with Dieter Mey as owner and managing partner. The focus is on the development and production of swivel work chairs, stools and standing aids and components.

Participation in Incos International Components Supply Co. Ltd., an international trading company in Hong Kong.

Foundation of Mey Hong Kong Limited as a holding company and investor for company investments.

Mey CHAIR SYSTEMS is the first to develop its own product line especially for musicians and successfully introduces Mey Music on the market.

Mey CHAIR SYSTEMS GmbH is appointed to the standards committee of German industry and plays a key role in the development of standards for swivel work chairs.

Foundation of Mey CHAIR SYSTEMS d. o. o. in Varaždin / Croatia.

As part of the succession, the sons, Benedikt and Tobias Mey, who have been with the company for years, join the company as managing directors. The young manager also has an impact on a more modern company image.

All corporate divisions are firmly consolidated under the new umbrella brand meychair and are modern and innovative, geared towards the future.

The meychair brand is starting the year 2021 with a new corporate identity.